Splicer Gears Update: Awakened Powers Preview List

This was originally posted on my Patreon page (patreon.com/HaloZix), but I will sporadically be reposting some things on my blog here to keep folks updated. We are currently really busy, so the blog will be on hold while I am working on art and layout for the book.


Hi folks! August has been a really busy month, a years worth of work is nearly complete working primarily on the Awakened Powers Master List, its 40 power categories, and the more than 400 individual powers contained within.

It's been a trip, to say the least. While writing game mechanics, I also spend a lot of time working on the cover & interior art for the book, while also working with other artists as I am currently commissioning some interior art from one of my favorite artists. As soon as we are finished I will be posting their art in the patron secret art gallery!

So, the Awakened Powers list will cover the entire spectrum of posthuman powers. Everything from beneficial mutations, to psionic powers, to superhuman abilities should have some form of expression, while I added a few new powers of my own which have existed in other forms from my previous projects (the Living Bomb awakened power for example, is a fork off of my good ol' Biomancer Class, back when I was still making class-based games).

Awakened Powers are gained by implanting Chimerix Shards throughout the body. Each Awakened Power manifests in separate parts of the body, and each shard takes up one body slot, with each body location having three slots.If you want a specific power, you need to implant a shard in the specified body location to awaken that power.

For example: If you want the Augmented Intellect power, you need to implant a shard in your Forehead, Skull, or Spine.

Here is the Awakened Powers Preview List. Powers with a "√" check are declared finished and ready for playtesting!

+Awakened Power Preview List;

Power Category // Shard Slot Locations

1. Aethermind // Forehead, Skull, Spine

2. Augmented Adrenaline // Body, Chest, Spine, Teeth √

3. Augmented Agility // Body, Shoulders, Spine √

4. Augmented Healing // Body, Shoulders, Spine √

5. Augmented Intellect // Forehead, Skull, Spine √

6. Augmented Psyche // Forehead, Tongue, Skull, Spine √

7. Augmented Resilience // Body, Chest, Spine √

8. Augmented Scent // Skull, Teeth, Tongue √

9. Augmented Sense // Forehead, Skull, Teeth, Tongue √

10. Augmented Speed // Body, Legs, Feet, Spine √

11. Augmented Strength // Arms, Hands, Chest, Shoulders, Spine √

12. Bio-Duplication // Body, Chest, Legs, Spine √

13. Dangersense // Skull, Teeth, Tongue, Spine √

14. Energy Absorption // Body, Chest, Arms, Hands √

15. Energy Blast // Body, Chest, Arms, Hands √

16. Energy Generation // Body, Chest, Arms, Hands √

17. Energy Resistance // Body, Chest, Arms, Shoulders √

18. Extra Limbs // Body, Chest, Shoulders, Spine √

19. Facestealer // Forehead, Skull, Teeth, Tongue √

20. Flesh of the Wicked // Body, Chest, Shoulders, Spine √

21. Gravity Manipulation // Body, Chest, Arms, Spine √

22. Incorporeality // Body, Chest, Legs, Spine √

23. Invisibility // Body, Chest, Shoulders, Spine √

24. Living Bomb // Any Slot √

25. Machine Link // Forehead, Arms, Hands, Spine √

26. Natural Attack // Listed on each power √

27. Physical Resistance // Body, Chest, Shoulders, Spine √

28. Power Dampening // Body, Chest, Arms, Hands √

29. Psychometry // Arms, Hands, Skull, Forehead, Spine √

30. Selective Pheromones // Body, Chest, Teeth, Tongue √

31. Shapeshifter // Body, Chest, Shoulders, Spine √

32. Sonic Manipulation // Skull, Teeth, Tongue √

33. Stomach Pocket // Body, Chest, Spine √

34. Telekinesis // Forehead, Skull, Arms, Hands √

35. Telepathy Detection // Forehead, Skull, Teeth, Tongue √

36. Teleportation // Body, Shoulders, Spine, Legs, Feet √

37. Toxin Resistance // Body, Chest, Shoulders, Spine √

38. Unnatural Biology // Skull, Teeth, Body, Chest √

39. Unstable Augment // Spine √

40. Winged Flight // Arms, Hands, Shoulders, Spine √