Splicer Gears: Shards of Chimerix: Development Log

Hi folks!

I have been busy, extremely, fervently, busy.

Splicer Gears: Shards of Chimerix is getting closer to release than it has ever been! The recent OGL debacle actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise of sorts, in that I have been working in the trenches the past four months designing my own 5e-forked system, and it has been nothing short of a liberating experience.

Not only did I reassess a lot of what the game contains (revisions are always in order to a system that has grown over the years), but I have never had more fun creating a game before than I have right now. To me, working within the 5e framework felt stifling at times to my creativity, where now I am free to do anything.

Not to mention, the 5e SRD has been release under a creative commons license. While this is good news (as I can continue to create a 5e forked game that I want to design for), more needs to be done to ensure the future of open gaming. The 3e SRD & the D20 Modern SRD are considered to be essential to some parts of the gaming community, and they need to be preserved under the CC as well to ensure that older games still get support too.

In the meantime, I am working with several other artists on getting the look of the world realized, working on the books layout, and we even have a finished character sheet! My wife Krissy is an amazing artist too, and she has created the most amazing character sheet I have ever seen, you can check it out on my Patreon page, where we feature all of the developments to Splicer Gears including character sheets, concept art, discount coupons to the Halo Zix website and our sister website and more!