Splicer Gears Promo Art & Pitch

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Hi Folks!

We are truly excited to bring you a creative project over a decade in the making, with a development process you can get a sneak peek at as we finish designing the game. Here is some promo art and our pitch for the game!

Join us on our journey!

-What Is Splicer Gears: Shards of Chimerix?: Players take on the role of Shard Seekers, grim explorers who delve deep into abandoned dungeons and forsaken regions of the sprawling city in search of coveted Chimerix Shards.

Shard Seekers are individuals who have signed away their humanity to the Mundus Guild for a taste of true power. Seekers fight using powers awakened within by the shards, implanted to unlock each individuals hidden potential.

Seekers form crews, fighting to survive the mean streets of the city while trying to earn enough scratch to pay off their debt to the guild before their time runs out. Crews take scores, trying to stash away enough loot to retire or ascend into cathood. It is never enough, not until you have made it into Mundus High Society or out of the city itself, away from the bioware hell that steadily crawls its way up from the depths.

You have been allotted thirteen days until your debt is called in as stated in your guild contract. Welcome to Onys Mundus.

-What Is the Games Design Approach?: The game is designed for survival-punk or survival-horror games, with characters facing a limited time frame, an oppressive guild system of control, an increasingly dangerous power system, and the hazards of the city itself. The players may succeed in small acts of rebellion against the guild at a local level, but the power of the guild and its minions are truly greater than any force the players could hope to grasp.

We designed the game to tell gritty and evocative tales of survival in a "living dungeon" in an urban environment, while including improved social mechanics tied to a characters personality. Emergent storytelling, mutant powers, advanced implants and bioware, new monsters and a unique setting to use in your games!

The Splicer Gears Engine is a heavily modified 5e-Fork designed and re-designed to accommodate a variety of play-states, including standard games (guild debt clocks), hardcore mode (start with barebones & harder gameplay), Solo Games (Oracles & Random Tables), Classless games for gritty "The Boys" like campaigns, & of course an entire game dedicated to awakened powers (ranging from mutations & mutant powers to psionics).

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